V2COM offers complete services and solutions that are customized to your business model



Continuous access to remote devices data may bring significant impact to companies business processes, generating new revenue opportunities, cost rationalization and increase on quality of service.

V2COM can help your company not only wih the choice of the most appropriate solutions for your business, but also on the identification of the actual gain on each implementation, through a detailed ROI (Return on Investment) calculation.

Being a leader of M2M in Latin America, V2COM possesses the necessary experience and strutcture to extract a greater value from your investment.


Systems Integration

Business processes related to a multitude of remote equipment, such as meters and controllers, are currently supported by management systems, despite the fact that data is gathered with a low frequency and is manually inserted into the systems.

On each M2M solution implementation, V2COM cares for integrating extracted real time data from field devices to their respective systems already operating inside the companies, preserving the current organization method of operation.

System interfaces already known by the users, consistent data bases and online information: this is the combination that optimizes business processes on your company.



Unlike the systems we are used to, where the processes take place inside a single computer or local network, M2M solutions connect totally distinct and distant devices and systems.

In order to achieve such a thing, the integration of equipment and systems from different vendors is needed, with different protocols and data flowing through multiple communication networks. 

That complexity implies that multiple variables must be constantly operated for an efficient work of the integral solution. If a device loses connectivity, reasons might be a communication network outage, hardware or software malfunctioning, or even an actual event of tampering and fraud.

V2COM has more than seven hundred thousand devices currently on operation and will help your company achieve maximum effectiveness on your M2M systems.



Even companies with dedicated M2M system operation personnel will benefit from the help of our specialists.

V2COM's engineering team will help you answer your questions, diagnose problems, suggest their solutions and identify improvement opportunities.