A powerful suite of Java-based applications, covering the whole scenario from embedded software up to the datacenter.

Intelligenceware Suite

V2COM's Intelligenceware Suite allows information generated by machine and remote devices to be integrated into core business processes, in a timely and trustful way. It's all developed using Java technologies (ME, SE and EE) to make network control and meter reading operations very simple. It allows:

  • Legacy protocol integration (remote and server-side)
  • Two-way data communication
  • Enable IP communication for remote devices
  • Eletronic transaction management
  • Storage and access to information

Vision Server

Web access to Data

Vision Server allows visualization and management of device generated data. All measurements made and collected from the field can be accessed via Web pages using charts and tables (also exporting to Excel files). Security is also a concern with fine-grained, row level access control.

Axon Server

Communications Manager

Axon Server manages WAN networks access, enabling:

  • WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) – TCP/IP allocation, with fixed addressing and AAA (Authentication, Authorization e Accounting)
  • WVPN (Wireless Virtual Private Network) – End-to-end security with SSL and IPSec
  • Media multiplexing - Management of cellular networks to better suit the current network condition (GPRS, 1xRTT, SMS, CSD)

Decision Server

Action Support

Decision transforms the huge amount of data read from the field and legacy systems into actionable, priorized suggestions. Working with smart algorithmsbased on pre-established rules, it can fire alarms, generate reports and open new workflows.

WITS Server

Electronic Transaction Server

WITS is responsible for all electronic transaction management, receiving business demands and converting them into requests that are the efficient, correct sequence of the corresponding procotol.


Solid embedded foundation

Zion was designed to simplify and accelerate embedded applications developement, targeted for monitoring and control of remote devices using cellular networks.

This Java Library handles and isolates hardware complexities and cellular network control, making it easy to develop new M2M applications maintaining flexbility and robustness.

Zion is primarily target at the Gemalto's TC65i module line and, with few modifications on some core classes, is expandable to other modules running Java.