A whole range of Smart Communication Devices to suit all major M2M applications


Long distance telemetry for electrical utilities.

Revenue protection and operational effectiveness.


Designed to meet the electrical utilities needs, the GT650 mobile communication module is the ideal solution for automated measurement management and transmission and distribution networks control.

With great processing capability and memory, this module can be integrated to any electronic device through different protocols. Its embedded software can be remotely updated, allowing constant applications upgrade.

Its operation and communication autonomy, guaranteed through an incorporated battery, and its voltage presence sensors comprise a great differential for commercial losses detection and for the power supply quality management.

 EZ Family

Zigbee products for advanced metering infrastructure.

Cost effective solution with several options to address different applications.


Zigbee is a well stablished standard and the EZ Family is V2COM's implementation of the popular wireless mesh network.

A great number of applications is handled by the products of this platform.

The EZ Sidekick and EZ Sidekick PIMA allow remote metering in residential, commercial or industrial customers (ABNT14522 and PIMA protocols).

There is also a remote display, the EZ Vista, which allows the customer to know its real time energy consumption. Its C&I variation can also provide ABNT User Output for a demand controller, in cases where the meter is installed outside the customer premises, like on top of a pole.

The other members of the family are EZBee, for RS232 transparent applications, and EZ Sidekick MC, with proper voltage output to control load connect/disconnect relays.


Next Generation communication gateway.

More power and network options for demanding applications.


A fast, low power processor, plenty of memory, full fledged operating system and several communication interfaces ranging from serial to ethernet and 3G.

These are some of the features of V2COM's Next Generation Gateway, NG2.

With the power of Java programming, this product is able to fulfill virtually every need of remote equipments communication.

GT Acqua Family

Long distance telemetry for water utilities.

Efficient water resource management.

GT Acqua

GT Acqua is an intelligent GPRS communication terminal designed to meet metering and automation needs of water utilitities.

Due to its high number of embedded interfaces and protocols, GT Acqua allows integration with a great variety of field devices.

M-Bus and pulse water meters as well as analog pressure sensors may be remotely read, all at the same time.

Power source may come from great capacity primary Lithium batteries, lasting up to 5 years, or from mains AC voltage with a backup rechargeable Lithium ion battery.

Water ingress protection is available with the use of different external enclosures, from IP65 to IP68.

Dendrion Blue

Short distance telemetry for electrical utilities.

Contingency or walk-by reading of energy meters.

Dendrion Blue

The broad availability of Bluetooth on computing devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones, makes this technology suitable for a number of AMI aplications.

Any equipment connected to Dendrion Blue's serial port can be read at a distance, which lowers the cost of operations such as contingency readings or connect/disconnect operations.

Embedded firmware is able to identify the meter serial number and generate a secure password based on that data.


Social AMI.

Loss prevention for the utility, broadband access as an added benefit for the consumer.

Modem PLC

Revenue increase on low income regions may come with a dangerous side effect: unhappy consumers.

But these regions also have a problem getting online. There is no commercial interest from the usual providers.

This is where Enertech arises to solve both problems, where both sides end up winning: the utility lowers its losses and the population gains access to the World Wide Web.

The system employs broadband over power lines (BPL) to communicate with the meters and provide connectivity to consumers through an Ethernet jack on the in premise display, named EN Vista.

There is a primary concentrator, a router, that controls internet access, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all the users.